Box Concepts

Consultants, developers, architects and geeks:- creating quality technical solutions that form the foundations of business success.

We Provde Technical Leadership

Application Design

Building core applications with rich user interfaces for business line services. We can create complete structured N-tier solutions for desktop or native applications including hardware and 3rd party integration. We have extensive experience designing multi platform applications leveraging the very latest technology with a deep understanding of the Microsoft technology stack across desktop and web clients.

Web Applications

We offer a range of online services for business or personal use, from simple read only sites that act as your online identity, to fully function applications or portals provide online services to your customers.. We are well versed in Content Management Systems (CMS) and E-commerce solutions which can be tailored to your needs and then managed by your business without the need for development resource.


We provide experienced on site consultants acting as managers, techinical leads or team contributors for application, web and database design, our team are highly commited, skilled and trained in all technical subject matters. If you require guidance with a new project, change initiative or a new Greenfield system we have the personnel to help drive your business and technology forward.


Our Short Story

Box-Concepts is a technical consultancy that was formed in 2012, despite being new to the market our team have over 10 years experience creating small, medium and large scale projects on behalf of a host of national and multinational clients. We are already the preffered supplier for a number of companies and maintain long standing relationships with all of our clients, ensuring they continue to be at the cutting edge of their industries.

  • Secure solutions
  • Skilled Consultants
  • Detailed Designs
  • Documentaton
  • Improved performance
  • Certified Professionals
Application development & Design

Powerful Apps

Design and development of desktop, web and mobile applications to support multiple platforms.

Responsive applications that are accessable from desktop tablet and mobile devices, built and rendered from a single code base.
Applications built to scale with your business, forward thinking design that considered rapid business change.
Application design that is taloried to your business and user needs.


Years of technical expertise


Potential increase in productivity


Business Performance

What we do

Working With You

A glimpse into how we do business with you.


The begining of the project, requirements, a statement of work and high level designs


Techinical and visual designs, use cases and user stories.

Project Management

Project plans, timescales, delivery promise.


Feature creation, agile process, testable deliverables.


Product overview, final revisions, future enhancements.


Ongoing product support, further development, change requests.

Our Work

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Recent work completed by Box Concepts

Responsive Design

The creation of application that render on desktop and mobile clients, increasing the potential for use.


Catering for smaller devices, ensuring the applications perform on all platforms.


Ensuring your product scales in line with your business.

Dedicated Support

Providing support to all of our clients


Providing technical leadership, making the right decisions for your business.


Ensuring products meet the requirements and demands of your business.


Our Journey

From humble beginngs...

  • Apr, 2012
    Box-Concepts is founded.
  • Apr, 2012
    Box-Concepts agrees to provide technical resource to Capita and the Food Hygiene government division.
  • July, 2013
    Box-Concepts leads a new insurance greenfield project for Munich RE, providing on site Architecture consultancy.
  • July, 2014
    Box-Concepts agrees to provide Northern Filters with a new online e-commerce platform.
  • August, 2014
    Box-Concepts provdes onsite consultancy to Virtual College Limited.
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